Social at Kaizon

At Kaizon, we know our people are the heart of the business. Without our people we wouldn’t be the business we are today. That’s why we invest in our people continually and make sure we create a culture of fun, laughter, team work, respect and innovation. Read below to find out what we offer our staff and learn about our regular social events.

Monthly round tables

Once a month the entire company gets together over a yum lunch provided by Kaizon and has a chat about what’s going on. People take turns to chat about a topic which could be a current project they are working on, business targets and results, upcoming social events, etc. Questions are always encouraged as we like this to be a discussion. It’s always a good time!

Christmas work do 2019

This year the team at Kaizon had a spot on the Champagne Lawn at the Ellerslie Racecourse for the day, then ended the night (officially) at the bar Everybodys in the city. Bets were made and winnings were rampant – until they weren’t (cough Kevin). Everyone had a great day and enjoyed celebrating a great year together.

Volunteer Work & Social Responsibility

The team at Kaizon value community service and try to contribute to society and our environment in various ways. Matt Sanders, Managing Director at Kaizon, gives his time every second Friday to St John Ambulance by volunteering himself as a first responder.

Ben Critchlow, Senior Engineer at Kaizon, volunteered his time in becoming a Wonder Project Ambassador for The Wonder Project. The Wonder Project is Engineering New Zealand’s free programme for schools, designed to get young Kiwis excited about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Ben said about the project, “Watching the young inquisitive minds of future engineers learn and ask challenging questions was an enriching experience. It was a great way to introduce engineering concepts into a fun environment.” Visit The Wonder Project here.

One of our Building Surveyors, Bogdan Bujoreanu, belongs to a not-for-profit organisation called Rotaract Club of Auckland City. The club is currently holding numerous activities to raise money to re-build the only library in Rakiraki, Fiji, which was previously destroyed in a hurricane. They also help Rotary clubs (which are the older versions of Rotaract), where just recently they held a quiz night which was believed to have raised approximately $40,000 to buy an oxygen machine for a hospital in Fiji so they won’t have to buy bottles of water from New Zealand.

Kaizon are now Gold sponsors for the Rotaract Oceania Zone Conference for 2019! We see the great work the Rotary Clubs are doing around the world and we think it’s a worthy cause to support. We look forward to the conference which will be the 6th – 8th September held at the Rydges Hotel in Auckland City. For more information about the conference click here>

Beach cleaning! Every once in a while the team at Kaizon get together and participate in a beach cleaning day. We are always looking for new ways we can help the environment and will continue to do our part.

The Green Building Council

Kaizon are proud to be Green Building Council members. The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) is a not-for-profit, industry organisation. Their vision is that New Zealanders live, work and play in healthy, efficient and productive buildings in a sustainable built environment.

They do this through:

  • Promoting the benefits of sustainable buildings by creating a common language and demonstrating the value.
  • Assisting the property and construction sector to acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver a sustainable built environment.
  • Motivating and rewarding the sustainable development and operation of buildings across New Zealand.

The NZGBC was established in July 2005 and in 2006 became a member of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC). The WorldGBC is an international not-for-profit organisation that aims to move the global property industry and built environment towards sustainability, with Green Building Councils being established in various countries around the world. For more information on The Green Building Council click here>

Regular Social Events

Calling our social club committee! Every month we have a social event outside of work where everyone can let their hair down, have a laugh and get to know each other better. One of our committee members Hannah Preston says, “Our monthly social events are important to us. It’s an opportunity for people to really get to know each other outside of just a work environment. We’re always keen to hear suggestions for a new and exciting social activity.” If you land a job at Kaizon then there’s room for you to sign up to be on the committee – what’s our next social event?

Outrageous Christmas & Social Events

Forget an office party, or a few snacks at a venue – in 2018 Kaizon management took the entire company to Apia, SAMOA. Yes you heard right. Everyone jumped on a plane and were put up at the luxury Taumeasina Island Resort, Apia. The team took advantage of all being together and had a yearly business review and talked about the goals and strategy for 2019. But not before they all soaked in the water and had a few cocktails poolside.

At Kaizon we always try to ensure a fun, exciting and unique Christmas party experience. You won’t be let down with what we have in store for you throughout the year.


Table Tennis at the office

You’ll hear the usual office background noise here, people typing on their keyboards, chatter among staff, the coffee machine brewing – but something you might not be used to will be the sound of competitive table tennis being played. We believe that it’s important for our team to enjoy being at work – which is why we put up a full sized table tennis outfit in the board room open and available to all staff.  If you find yourself working here you’ll have to give it a go and try knock the regulars off the leaders board.

Sloshball 2019

As part of our monthly social event, and to celebrate Kevin Raive’s birthday (who happens to be from the USA), we decided to play a traditional American game of Sloshball.

The game is similar to Baseball, except you play with a soft, big ball – and you kick the ball rather than bat. Here’s the catch… you need to play with a cup of beer in your hand at all times, and you have to refill your cup at second base.

Our management team brought a keg of beer to get us through the game. There were plenty of laughs, banter and competition. We’re all looking forward to round two.

Our People

We might be biased, but we reckon we have some of the best people in the industry working with us. Our team are skilled, trained, educated and innovative, with a common goal to exceed our Client’s expectations.

We have a large cultural diversity which we love. You’ll find Treiz sitting down the back – our Senior Registered Architect from Iraq. You’ll find Richard and Kieran floating around who both hail from England. Then there’s Bogdan the Romanian, Aram the Kurdish Iranian, Daniel from Wales, and we can’t forget Jonathan and Kevin from the USA – plus many more.

It’s never a dull moment at Kaizon and you can be sure you’ll be enriched by the unique and diverse personalities and cultures we have working here.