Stage One: Pre-contract stage

The pre-contract stage is one of the most important stages of any project. Careful consideration needs to be given to produce realistic costs and project budgets, which will ultimately shape your entire project. Early involvement of our quantity surveyors will ensure that you are fully aware of your financial commitments to successfully complete your projects.

Key services in the pre-contract stage: 

  • Collaboration with consultants and clients to provide cost and commercial guidance from the conceptual stage through to detailed design stage
  • Market research and feasibility studies, using our in-house cost database, regional databases and other relevant information
  • Evaluation of design documentation and advise the most cost-effective materials and methodology options to suit each project (value management/engineering)
  • Advice regarding contractor procurement and contractual agreements
  • Assist with preparation of tender documentation, preparation of schedules/bills of quantities
  • Trade package measurements for main contractors and sub-contractors
  • Detailed analysis of tenders including recommendations and conclusions 
pre-contract stage

Stage two: Post-contract stage

By the time you are at this stage, the contract should have been developed, approved and a suitable contractor appointed. The effects of any changes to tender documentation during this stage will be more costly to the client than during the pre-contract stage. This is why we recommend that a quantity surveyor is involved from the early stages. 

Key services in the post-contract stage:

•    Liaise with clients, consultants and contractors
•    Check contractor’s interim valuation and settlement of final account
•    Administration of provisional sums and prime cost sums
•    Re-measurements of quantities and monitoring of changes to documentation
•    Evaluation and negotiation of variations
•    Managing claims and disputes
•    Production of cash flow charts and financial reports including cost-to-compile reports for financial institutions
•    Assistance with resolving contractual issues

post contract


It’s important that a Quantity Surveyor keeps up with the latest technologies available to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their job. Here at Kaizon we use the latest 2D and 3D cost management technology that ensures our clients receive the right delivery framework. We use a very well-known, industry-wide cost budgeting software called CostX. Cost X is currently one of the leading quantity surveying tools in New Zealand and Australasia, as well as parts of Europe. CostX saves a lot of time which allows our team to use their time efficiently when working on client projects. Another major benefit of using CostX is the live syncing capability. Our measurements are live syncing our quantities into the working spreadsheet, which means every time we need to change measurement or quantity, it automatically updates and syncs in our spreadsheet which saves us manually entering in the edits.


Why you need a Professional Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor is a Cost Manager or Cost Engineer within the construction industry. They are an integral part of a building project and are arguably one of the most important service disciplines in any construction industry. A Quantity Surveyor ensures that the client is getting value for money, provides advisory services into materials and pricing, liaises with stakeholders, and ensures the project stays on budget. The knowledge and expertise of a Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) is invaluable to clients – they are able to provide sound advice and guide the client through the costing and budget process, which at times can be very complex and quickly fall apart.

We too often see a Quantity Surveyor’s core skills neglected by many clients – until the client falls into a critical situation which results in a frantic call asking us to come on-board. We often get called late into a project when budgets are being blown out of the water and clients are struggling to trust and deal with a number of contractors, we end up taking over management of the contractual and monetary requirements for the project.

Many clients believe hiring a Professional Quantity Surveyor at the early stages incurs additional, unnecessary costs, and they assume by engaging us later in the project it is saving them money. What clients do not realise is that this decision could be costing them more money in the long run and tends to lead to major unforeseen or unquantified losses to the project in terms of time, costs and quality.

field testing


The Quantity Surveying team at Kaizon have extensive experience working both Contractor and Client-side, this benefits our clients in a number of ways. Having Contractor QS experience means our team understands the ins and outs of how a contractor typically thinks and works. It gives our team a sound knowledge base on materials and tools – which is crucial when providing advice to clients on which materials to purchase and which tools are the best fit for the client’s project. 

Our project experience includes; residential houses (re-clads, renovations & new builds), light commercial, industrial, commercial, office and commercial fit-outs, new Church builds and renovations, retirement villages and apartments. The value of project experience ranges from $300K to $250M. The majority of our project experience has been within New Zealand and within the Pacific Islands. 

Gus Fepuleai