Technical due-diligence

Prior to the acquisition or lease of a building asset, we can deliver you with a co-ordinated inspection and report looking both the state of health of a building and its essential services to clearly identify the risks associated with your commercial investment.


Portfolio condition assessment and forward maintenance planning

We can assist both you and your facility and asset managers to obtain a clearer understanding of the condition of your existing building assets, enabling you to forecast, plan and budget for future expenditure so that you can maintain the standard and quality of building fabric that you require.


Refurbishment advice and options

Your existing commercial assets may need upgrading for a number of reasons and not just because they are looking tired. Combing both practical experiences and understanding of statutory requirements that need to be complied with, we can help you navigate the options that may be available to you.

field testing

End of lease reinstatement and wants of repair

Whether you are Landlord or Tenant we can support you at the end of your lease and can assist you with the necessary information required to successfully negotiate your lease repair and maintenance obligations.


Expert witness

With both technical and professional experience, we often provide independent support to our clients through detailed investigation, review and the output of expert reports.

Expert Witness

Building surveys and reports

We can provide you with comprehensive building inspections and reports either for specifically identified problems or for more holistic building fabric weathertightness issues. We tailor our services and surveys to suit our Client’s needs.

building science analysis

Certificate of acceptance and code compliance resolution

A Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) is a report that is issued by the Council upon completion of a building and ensures the development has been built to what was consented prior to construction. For unconsented building work, a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) provides a limited assurance that Council is satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that unconsented building work complies with the current New Zealand Building Code. At Kaizon we have experience of supporting our Clients through both processes.

building code

Weathertightness matters

The ability for the external envelope of a building to perform satisfactorily is often compromised because of design issues and problems around installing materials.

Once water or moisture gets behind certain cladding types, and if there is no drainage and ventilation between the cladding and the framework, the water becomes trapped and the potential for fungal growth and rotting rapidly increases. There are many issues with having a leaky home, including the effect it may have on your health or your finances if the damage gets worse.

water testing

Timber decay analysis and advice

Typically, when you are replacing an external cladding system to your property, Council will require you to obtain the services of a Building Surveyor to ascertain the extent of damage to the timber framework beneath in order to satisfy themselves that all decayed timber has been removed and any remaining timber will be correctly treated. 

timber decay

Scoping repairs and remediation support

As well as diagnosis, we are also able to assist you with the solution to the problem and provide support through each step of the remediation process.