During the pre-design stage, our architects begin by gathering and reviewing background information on the property/site such as; certification of title, drainage, zoning and town plans. The information gathered at this stage is highly important and will impact the design in numerous ways. The Kaizon Architecture team can ascertain this information on behalf of the client, or assist the client as they require.

pre design

Concept design

Concepts will be developed influenced by project scope, project budget, and your individual requirements. A number of ideas will be developed through drawings, floor plans and perspective sketches or computer renderings.

Kaizon Architecture

Developed design

After a concept is agreed upon, Kaizon’s architects will test the ideas, refine the details, and shape the final design. Kaizon can assist you with estimated costs and liaise with other specialised consultants such as the Structural Engineer, Drainage Engineer, etc. Kaizon can help you to secure resource consent if it’s needed for your project.

developed design

Detailed design

At this stage your project will progress to the full set of construction detailed drawings in order to comply with authority, building code and to allow the construction contractor to assess the full scope. At this stage, we also select all the materials and finishes required for the completion of the project. Kaizon’s Architects can help with; Building Consent Authority application process, assist you with choosing a quality builder and help you with the tendering process.

detailed design

Contract Observation

Kaizon’s architectural design services can play an important role in overseeing the construction phase of your project with onsite visits and monitoring the construction contracts that are in place. Kaizon can observe the quality of construction, as well as alert you about any potential issues that may arise.

contract observation