Saint Cuthbert’s College
Information Building
122 Market Road Epsom, Auckland

Saint Cuthbert’s College
5,775+ Square Metres
Project Type
Existing Building

Project Description

Kaizon Engineering Limited (KEL) was engaged by Saint Cuthbert’s College to perform an energy audit of the Information Centre building on their campus located at 122 Market Road in Epsom, Auckland. The project consists of an existing 5,775+ square metre, four storey building constructed in 1998, with various renovations performed in 2018. KEL performed energy, carbon and water auditing services for the building by benchmarking the recent historical utility consumption, performing multiple site walks at the property, providing an in-depth review of the Building Automation System to identifying appropriate energy conservation measures (ECM). We then performed calculations to determine the potential energy, water, carbon and cost reductions, estimated implementation costs, and Return On Investment calculations for each identified ECM and presented each project with advice on implementation.