Danielle Wellacott

Office Administrator

Email: info@kaizon.co.nz

Mobile: 027 257 9442

Danielle joined the team in the beginning of 2019. When Danielle started at Kaizon she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do career wise, but since working here it has opened her eyes to a lot of career opportunities that Danielle hadn’t previously considered. Danielle does a range of administrative tasks including finance, administration and resourcing as well as helping others out with tasks when they need it. Danielle enjoys the variety of work as well as the challenges on the day-to-day basis, she likes to keep busy. Since joining Kaizon, Danielle has learnt how to handle not only her own responsibilities, but others as well. She enjoys being in a team that works hard, supports and respects  each other.

Outside of work she enjoys playing sports, going on adventures and being with friends and family.

Danielle Wellacott

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.