Animesh Panda

Operations Manager

Mobile: 022 376 6474

In 2016, Animesh moved to New Zealand to pursue his MBA with a focus in operation and strategic management. Prior to that he had built his career in the software industry after graduating as an Engineer. He has had the privilege to collaborate with clients from a range of industries including building safety (regulatory and compliance), pharmaceutical, life-science, retail and energy, and so on. He has recently joined the Kaizon Groups as a business professional with nearly 8 years of experience in developing solutions to achieve operational efficiency. 

Combining his wealth of experience with design thinking approach, over the years, he has furthered his ability to collaborate with various stakeholders and to solve problems in several business scenarios. He has the penchant to break down complex cross-functional business models into series of modular processes. Thus, enabling the teams to focus and improve these simplified bit-sized procedures with relative ease. 

Animesh likes to unwind by indulging in reading and by engaging in sport, primarily, Badminton. He enjoys trying a variety of cuisines and is looking forward to travelling the world with his wife, Sowmya. 

Animesh Panda

Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better. 

- John C. Maxwell