Engineering Services

Our engineering team are passionate about using our expertise to lead an industry in designing healthy, energy efficient, and durable buildings.  Whether it is for a new design, an investigation, or a remediation/rehabilitation project, we focus on delivering innovative solutions to solve our client’s needs.

Facade Consulting

Innovative facades can transform buildings into landmarks, but they are not only an aesthetic consideration. Facade design requires an in-depth understanding of materials, the environment, building movements, and construction. Combining this with an ability to integrate facade components with other enclosure elements and building systems, Kaizon Engineering helps create efficient and sustainable facade designs.

We assist project teams through the consent process by performing design and construction reviews, while also preparing producer statements to document compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and specific project requirements.

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Building Enclosure Consulting

Facades are not the only part of the building envelope that require expert attention when designing a building. Other building enclosure systems, such as basement tanking and vapour barriers, plaza/terrace waterproofing, balcony deck waterproofing, vegetative roofs, exposed membrane roofs, and clad roofs all must be properly designed when providing an integrated building envelope.

Kaizon Engineering offers a level of expertise on building enclosure assemblies beyond what is conventionally provided by facade engineers; and as local councils are beginning to evaluate the complete building envelope during the consent process, the ability to deliver compliant enclosure assemblies that are integrated with the adjacent facade systems are imperative to the future of design.

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Basement Tanking Consulting

It is possible to have a dry basement in New Zealand. Currently, the majority of attention is given to the facade assemblies on most buildings, and Owners / Project Teams resign themselves to accepting a leaky basement or choosing a wet-wall approach rather than relying on an inconsistent tanking membrane or DPM.

Over the last several years, more and more durable and reliable tanking membranes are making their way to New Zealand. Kaizon Engineering offers a unique expertise and ability to fully design and detail, or peer review, the basement tanking systems that are needed to produce dry and habitable basements.

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Quality Assurance Monitoring and Field Testing

The ability to evaluate the field performance of a newly installed glazing, cladding, or waterproofing system not only helps verify the installed system achieves the required performance, but also provides piece of mind to Owners and Occupants of a weathertight building.

Strategic investigative testing helps identify direct causes and avoids wasteful repairs that may only address symptoms rather than the root cause. Whether testing is needed to understand new product performance, validate mock-up prototypes, quality control test installed materials, or investigate failures, qualified water testing is essential to determining field performance of facade and building enclosure systems.

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