Commercial Services

Reinstatement & wants of repair

If you are entering into a leasehold agreement on a commercial property or building, either as a landlord or tenant, there may well be repair and/or reinstatement obligations that must be complied with. If not managed correctly, these obligations can result in a significant cost to you or your business.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can review both the property and the lease in question in advance of entering any agreement. We can then advise on any issues that may affect tenure during the lease or the potential costs and options available at lease conclusion.

Financial liabilities & exit strategies

We can provide budget forecasting on the potential financial liabilities of complying with the repairing and reinstatement obligations of the lease. Our expert team will advise on exit strategies for either landlords or tenants, to ensure that our client’s interests are best served at lease conclusion.

Kaizon are experienced at negotiating on behalf of the Landlord to ensure that repairs to the commercial property are carried out satisfactorily or an acceptable financial settlement is obtained. If representing the Tenant, our experience will assist in resisting the Landlord’s requirements concerning the commercial building at the end of their lease especially when the schedule served by the Landlord proves to be artificially onerous.

Dispute resolution & expert witness

Unfortunately, within the commercial property industry as with all business ventures or even, life in general, things can go wrong. Parties may disagree and disputes may occur. It is best to always be prepared for such events.

At Kaizon we have the team in place with the experience and proven track record in such matters, to assist you and your legal advisors, should you find yourself party to a commercial property or construction dispute.

Optimum settlement

We regularly work with a number of Auckland’s leading barristers and law firms, dealing with a broad range of commercial property, construction, and weather-tightness issues to ensure you or your company achieve your optimum settlement.

Our Building Surveyors possess an in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand Building Code, New Zealand Standards and associated documents and regularly act as expert witnesses for a wide variety of high-profile, corporate, and private clients.