Code Compliance Resolution

What is a Code Compliance Certification?

A Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is a document generally issued by the local council who acts as a building consent authority. It states that the council is satisfied that all the building work under a specific building consent has been completed accordingly.

Experience is paramount when giving in-depth assessments

Kaizon can assist you in obtaining a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) for your commercial or residential property by providing an in-depth assessment of the existing issues and a scope of remedial works. Our experienced building surveyors can also assist with all aspects of the repair process by providing a complete remedial design proposal to council and project managing the restorative works.

What is a Certificate of Acceptance?

The local council acting as a building consent authority may issue a Certificate of Acceptance detailing the extent to which specific building work complies with the building code. It will only supply building code certifications relating to the work that the council can inspect. It is important to note that only building work undertaken after July 1, 1992 will be considered for a Certificate of Acceptance.

We find solutions rather than focus on the problems

If you have had building or construction work done to your residential property or commercial building without a building consent, council will be unable to issue a Code Compliance Certificate for the works. The only option to approve the work already undertaken is to obtain a Certificate of Acceptance.

Kaizon’s team of tertiary-qualified building surveyors have the necessary experience and knowledge to assist you through all aspects of this process. We can help you apply for and obtain a Certificate of Acceptance. This may include producing “as-built” drawings and inspecting the property to produce a report for council to review.