Building Surveys

Know your obligations

If you are acquiring an interest in a property, be it purchasing for your own occupation, as an investment, or taking a lease on a commercial building – then you need to know what the condition of the property is like and whether you have any repairing obligations to adhere to.

Meticulous reports

We will provide you with appropriate advice on the nature of the commercial property or residential building that you are proposing to own or occupy. Our experienced team at Kaizon will be able to quickly identify any property defects, provide objective suggestions concerning the appropriate remedial solutions, and propose a realistic, comprehensive budget.

Wide range of services

Kaizon’s knowledgeable team of building surveyors have built a reputation in New Zealand for having a firm grasp on the intricacies of the market and exceeding their client’s expectations across the board. Our team is renowned for providing expert advice to clients who are purchasing, disposing of, developing, or occupying a broad range of commercial properties.

Our scope of knowledge encompasses a broad spectrum of the comprehensive performance of commercial structures.

Comprehensive solutions

It is not just a matter of assessing the structural requirements, but keeping up to date with building code regulations and various legislations, taking into consideration the wider environment surrounding the building, and having an innate understanding of the commercial market itself.

We provide solutions every step of the way – from consultancy to asset/project management, depending on our client’s specific needs and budget.