Building Surveying and Safety

No matter the location our building surveyors have to take precautions to avoid the dangers they could potentially run into each day. Taking safety measures before the survey begins and being mindful while they are working can help them to stay safe. Here are a few things they do to make sure they are safely surveying whatever project they’re working on.

Why Safety is Important

Building surveyors are involved in every aspect of the building process from giving advice on design to project management and ongoing preventative maintenance. Since they give advice on building and check things out at all levels of construction they have to be careful. It’s important that they watch their back and pay attention to their surroundings so they are never caught off guard. Safety when carrying out a survey of any type of building is important because sometimes a seemingly safe situation can turn dangerous quickly when proper precautions aren’t taken.

Some of the Most Important Precautions

There are some safety precautions that stand out above all others. The top one which is true of anyone working on a construction project is to wear a hard hat. They need to protect their head from anything that might fall down onto them. It is also important to wear the right clothing and shoes to protect them on the construction site. High visibility work gear is imperative so that they stand out on the job. If the workers can easily see the surveyor then they will be cautious operating equipment or working on dangerous sections of the construction site.

Following Regulations

While building surveyors take on a wide range of job duties they all follow the same regulations. Since they know the building codes and correct ways to do things, they should have no problem shutting down a project that isn’t following the correct regulations. Another part of a building surveyors job is to inspect buildings that are already standing and this includes those that have possible defects or are undergoing renovations. If there is something not up to code then it’s their job to give advice on fixing the problem and shutting down the project until it’s been fixed.

No matter if they are inspecting an already built structure or if they are on a new construction site, using caution and sticking to the basic safety regulations will ensure the building surveyors do their jobs efficiently and safely.