Social at Kaizon: When the team at Kaizon were taken to Samoa

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Danielle Chevriot

When our consultants aren’t onsite, writing a feasibility study report, or designing a 7-storey commercial building, they are having fun! In 2018 Kaizon management took all employees to Samoa for a mid-year celebration and business strategy conference.

On 24th August 2018, the team landed in Apia, Samoa, and made their way to Taumeasina Island Resort. They unpacked and settled into the poolside bar for a cocktail or beer before the afternoon kicked off. Kaizon believe in work hard, play hard! After achieving a successful year and observing that employee performance and dedication was at an all-time high, Managing Director, Matt Sanders, thought they deserved something great to show his and the other Director’s appreciation – and what better way to reward the team than by taking them to a tropical Island.

The company mid-year business review kicked off that afternoon – everyone in good spirits and enjoying the Samoa temperatures. Matt shared the business goals and objectives for the year ahead and recapped on some successful key projects that had taken place that year. Exceeding our Client’s expectations has always been a core value at Kaizon, and Matt was pleased to report that employees had lived up to that goal.

Next up was Jonathan Hill, Kaizon’s new Director of Engineering. Jonathan gave a presentation and introduced himself to the company. Jonathan had not long moved to New Zealand from the USA. So, it was interesting to hear about the differences in Engineering practices from America compared to New Zealand. The rest of the Directors, Simon Kleeman and Gus Fepuleai, gave their presentations specific to their business units. The objective of the afternoon was to reflect on achievements and inspire the team for the coming year ahead.

Natalie Spray, Health, Safety & Quality Manager at Kaizon, gave a presentation on Health & Safety and covered some important regulations to remind staff safety comes first while onsite. Natalie also presented on the future of Health & Safety and where the industry is heading. The second part of the presentation was to give an overview and discussion on various H&S aspects such as documentation, site risk assessments etc, and giving the team some statistics on the current state of the construction industry to show why we don’t want to be part of those stats.

After the business strategy part was over it was back outside and to the bar. Culture is an important part of Kaizon and is a high priority for the Directors. Therefore, socialising and team building/bonding was considered just as important as business strategy discussions.

The team spent the night relaxing and enjoying a traditional Samoan dinner. Drinks and laughter continued into the night.

The next day consisted of an Island tour where the team visited well-known caves and artefacts. The team also took to snorkelling and Kaizon ran some team-building exercises including building a raft and a big tug of war.

The Kaizon team came back refreshed, energised, excited and ready to put their best effort into the business once again. It’s easy to support a business who has meaningful values, goals, and is there to help its’ clients be successful in their projects.

We’re excited to see what lies ahead for Kaizon. We have an exceptional team working here and we value the importance of culture.

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