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Kaizon – Leading the industry in innovative building solutions

The problem with many medium to large building projects is the fragmented value chain which effects the running and the outcome of the project. With multiple people and stakeholders being involved in a project the challenge is getting everyone communicating effectively and ensuring they are all on the same page throughout the lifecycle of a project. “Along the project life cycle, there are many different players, including owners, designers, contractors, and quality control and safety experts. The problem is that they do not always work together well. For example, typically, each entity gets its own contract, with no overall management. In effect, one participant can (and often does) create problems for the next one.” McKinsey 2018.

Kaizon solves this problem by being a multi-disciplinary firm which has qualified and experienced professionals from a range of disciplines within a building project. These include:

  • Architecture
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Building Surveying
  • Development Managers

With over 220 years of combined employee experience in the building and construction industry, Kaizon are the best people to help you achieve your goals, on time, and in budget – while ensuring a smooth and successful execution and delivery of your project.


At Kaizon we have a team who are passionate about taking your ideas and plans and turning them into reality. Kaizon are able to support you at every step of the process in order for you to successfully achieve your project aspirations and reach your design goals.  Kaizon Architecture specialise in:

  • Design and Development
  • Inception through to completion
  • A balanced and considered Architectural approach
  • Building selection, concept and detailed design, costing and legislative advice

Whether it be a remediation project, new build or fit-out for residential, both for commercial or public sector clients, Kaizon prides itself on listening and taking practical steps throughout the project to achieve the desired outcome.

Kaizon’s leading Architect is a Senior Registered Architect with over 25 years of both national and international experience. She prides herself on listening and understanding her client’s needs in successfully delivering both architectural and pragmatic solutions to meet all aspects of a brief.

Quantity Surveying

Kaizon has an experienced, technically sound, professional group of Quantity Surveyors that are reliable and accurate in the services they provide. With advanced technical skills, our team thrives on delivering quality outcomes with accurate cost planning and exceptional project monitoring. With large capital projects typically running 80% over budget (McKinsey 2018), you need to ensure the right people and tools are in place to cost the project appropriately, and then manage the project through to completion.

  • Kaizon provides technical expertise by strategically hiring Contractor Quantity Surveyors who, in our experience, have deeper technical understanding
  • Our Quantity Surveying team is trusted in the market and by our clients, and are known to give sound and trustworthy advice
  • Quantity Surveying is not just providing an initial budget then stepping out of the project. It is about monitoring the project from the beginning through to completion and ensuring the project remains on budget


Kaizon has a team of experienced and highly regarded Engineers, led by the Director of Engineering Jonathan Hill.  Jonathan brings a wealth of both international and local knowledge and project experience.  Jonathan is one of only a handful of experienced Façade and Building Envelope Engineers in New Zealand, and with his experience he brings a passion for innovation, commitment to quality, and a deep technical understanding that is applied to all of Kaizon’s projects.

Kaizon Engineering has expertise in the complete Building Envelope, including engineering of Facades and Building Enclosure systems such as Claddings, Glazing Assemblies, Basement Tanking and Roofing/Waterproofing Systems.

Kaizon provides expert engineering services for all project types, including New Design, Repair / Rehabilitation, and Investigation that span through all phases of a project from Assessment and Design to Construction and Validation Testing.

Kaizon specialises in integrating the performance of the building envelope with the other project disciplines, delivering weathertight designs that combine aesthetics, constructability, condensation/thermal performance, and fire compliance.

Our engineering team is passionate about using our expertise to lead an industry in designing healthy, energy-efficient, and durable buildings.  Whether it is for a new design, an investigation, or a remediation/rehabilitation project, we focus on delivering innovative solutions to solve our client’s needs.

Building Surveying

Kaizon employs a team of highly qualified chartered and registered Building Surveyors who can help with professional services over the full life-cycle of a building project. From defect analysis and preliminary investigations to expert reports and specification of repairs, we have the expertise.

Kaizon is known for exceeding our client’s expectations and providing meticulous reports and sound recommendations. Our experience ranges from Building Surveying, Code Compliance resolution, end of lease reinstatement and Building Maintenance Planning for both residential and commercial clients.

Kaizon is proud to acknowledge two of our team who were awarded ‘best in class’ 2016 and 2018, New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS).

Development Management

Kaizon’s team can guide you through from an initial feasibility study to the design, tendering, contract administration, commissioning, and final handover of any building project.

At Kaizon, we believe that effective management is paramount in ensuring that a project is delivered on time, within budget, and adheres to New Zealand’s commercial and residential property codes and standards.

Large capital projects typically take 20% longer to finish than what is originally planned (McKinsey, 2018), so obtaining an experienced and proactive Development Manager is key to your success.

  • Kaizon provides a single point of contact for the entire project
  • Kaizon avoids costly delays and errors, saving you money and unnecessary stress
  • Kaizon’s team has a clear understanding of the commercial property market and all the current regulations and compliance issues

The innovative and agile culture to which Kaizon practices allows us to be flexible and adapt to changes when necessary. We thrive on exceeding our client’s expectations, and always strive to meet deadlines and work within budgets. We are reliable, technically advanced and value integrity. Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements.