Advantages of Employing a Project Manager

Richard Cakar

Richard Cakar

Project Managers (PM) and Contract Administrators (CA) are familiar figures to those involved in large scale construction projects. However, the importance of implementing professionals in such roles is often overlooked when a project decreases in size or cost, the Principal is that of a smaller organisation or when the project moves into the residential sector.

But why is there a need for change? We take a look into a few of the many benefits to engaging either a PM or CA, whatever the size or nature of the construction project.

Expertise and Experience

A knowledgeable PM or CA can be utilized to offer advice and guidance on not only construction matters but also contractual particulars (e.g. terms under the NZS 3910:2013 contract) or Council processes and procedures such as inspection regimes or Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) applications.

Cost, Quality & Time Control

Techniques adopted by a PM or CA to help govern cost, quality and time include Contractor payment claim reviews, works progress / quality assurance meetings and appraisals of the construction programme against on-site activities. This assists in meeting cost, quality and time targets and offers the Principal reassurances on the direction of the project.


A competent PM or CA acts as a direct middle man and should be the first point of contact for Principals, Contractors or any other parties associated to a construction project. Good communication limits direct contact between the Principal and Contractor whilst still ensuring that the Principal is up to speed with the on-site developments, even if they are not accustomed to construction practices and procedures.

Limit the Risk of Disputes

This links back to the points made above, but disputes are less likely to occur if all parties, including the Principal, are well informed throughout the entire project and cost, quality and time objectives are met. For example, a typical area where disputes arise is around project variations. However a simple way to limit disputes arising from project variations is by going through a variation order process, where the PM or CA is responsible for justifying, quantifying and approving any necessary variations prior to any additional works being undertaken. By keeping the Principal involved in the process the risk of receiving unexpected bills at the end of the project, which have not previously been reviewed and approved, is limited.

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