Architectural Services

Kaizon has the team and skills to help convert your ideas and plans into reality and is able to assist you at every step of the process in order for you to achieve your project goals. Kaizon Architecture specialises in new building designs, renovations, re-clads, alterations, additions and interior designs. We provide you with full architectural design services from concept design, resource consent, building consent, specification, interior fit-out and site observation. 


After an initial meeting Kaizon’s architects will start to gather key information such as the certificate of title, drainage plans and zoning and town planning. If our client does not have this information Kaizon Architecture can help ascertain the information on behalf of our client.  At this stage of the project the client also needs to engage a site surveyor.

Concept Design

Kaizon’s architects will then start developing concepts. These will be influenced by the project scope, project budget and your individual requirements. Kaizon’s architects will investigate a number of ideas which will then be developed through drawings, floor plans and perspective sketches or computer renderings.

Developed Design

After a concept is agreed upon, Kaizon’s architects will test the ideas, refine the details, and shape the final design. During this stage Kaizon can assist you with the estimate costs and liaise with other professional consultancy firms such as the structural engineer, drainage engineer, etc. Kaizon’s architects can also help in securing resource consent if it is needed for your project.

Detailed Design

Once resource consent is approved (if required), your project will progress to the detailed design phase that allows a construction contractor to assess the full scope of the project. This will include construction details, materials and finishes. Kaizon’s architects can help you with; communicating with the Building Consent Authority, assist you with choosing a quality builder, and help you with the tendering process.

Contract Observation

Kaizon’s architectural design services can play an important role in overseeing the construction phase of your project with onsite visits and monitoring the construction contracts that are in place. Kaizon can observe the quality of construction, as well as alert you about any potential issues that may arise.