All About Foundation

Looking up at a big strong house doesn’t allow you to see the beams and concrete blocks that hold it up. Those are the things that make up the structure and keep it strong against the elements including strong winds and bad whether, and general wear and tear. The foundation ensures that the house stays strong and steady as time goes by.

The foundation is the support of the whole house so naturally it has to be a part of the construction project that requires a lot of attention to detail. Important decisions need to be made on the type of foundation that will be built and the structure of the building.

Types of Foundation

There are actually three different types of foundations that can be used. The slab is a flat concrete pad, this is on the ground and there’s nothing in between it and the dirt. Second there’s the basement which is a slab with cinder blocks or concrete walls to make up the basement. Lastly there’s the crawl space. The crawl space lifts the house up off the ground with bricks or cinder blocks.

What does the Foundation do?

Besides holding up the house, your foundation keeps out moisture that could potentially damage the house. The foundation also insulates the home and pipes against freezing. There is nothing worse than a pipe bursting from the cold, as it can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. When the foundation cracks or shifts it can cause problems in the structure of the house and can cost the owner a lot of money. The foundation is one of the first things an appraiser will look at when checking a home for sale or insurance purposes.

Some things to Note

When the foundation is poured there are several things that need to be done to make sure it is safe to build a house on. The footings will need to be sealed to make sure moisture doesn’t get inside as this can seriously disrupt the functionality of the foundation. When building a basement it is best for the contractor to use concrete blocks in order to get the most level result. Before any foundation is built the ground should be fully inspected to make sure there won’t be any trouble beneath the foundation. A strong foundation is important when designing and building a house and literally holds everything together.