About Kaizon

Kaizon is an Auckland and Wellington-based multi-disciplinary building consultancy firm.

The Kaizon group of companies have provided services to the New Zealand building and construction industry for more than 17 years. With over 220 years of combined employee market experience in construction and building, our experience spans over multiple industries and disciplines including but not limited to Healthcare, Government, Public Sector, Commercial, Residential, Defense and Retail. We specialise in Architecture, Building Surveying, Engineering, Project Management and Quantity Surveying.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be leaders in the industry in contributing to a better-built environment and more sustainable future. Through globally accumulated knowledge and an innovative culture, we provide the best solutions for our clients. People are our focus. We enjoy what we do, know how to have fun, and are passionate about our values.

Kaizon – leading the industry in delivering tailored solutions through collaboration, knowledge, and education.

Our Values



The team at Kaizon are committed to delivering quality services to clients. Always striving to have integrity, continuously improving, and aiming for success. Communication and collaboration is key to us, and we are proud of our people and our team.


We have a passion for innovation and are committed to team growth and development. We see ourselves as leaders and educators in the industry, while continually learning ourselves and remaining transparent in all that we do.


Relationships are key to the team here at Kaizon, both internal relationships and client relationships. We have a vibrant and diverse culture at Kaizon, we trust each other and always strive to collaborate and communicate. 


Kaizonality is our definition of the kinds of people who work here: passionate, social and fun people who find their work exciting. They have integrity and support each other. Our 'no dickheads' policy ensures we have people who help create a positive culture. 

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  • 17 years market experience
  • Over 220 years combined employee experience in the industry
  • Multiple sector experience including Health, Public, Private Commercial, Residential, Retail
  • Extensive technical experience
  • Trusted advisors 


We bring unique value and a versatile approach to projects through our multi-disciplinary expertise that can support you throughout the entire project lifecycle. We have a range of specialist skills including Architecture, Building Surveying, Development Management, Engineering and Quantity Surveying.

At Kaizon, we value our people and are committed to providing only the highest quality of service. We consistently invest in our people to ensure that the advice we provide our clients is up-to-date with the latest trends, regulations, and building codes.

The innovative and agile culture to which we practice allows us to be flexible and adapt to changes when necessary. We thrive on exceeding our client’s expectations, and always strive to meet deadlines and work within budgets. We are reliable, technically advanced and value integrity.

Given our reputation for exceptional service levels, we are regularly approached by high-level organisations and clients to act on their behalf.

Contact us to discuss your building project requirements. Kaizon specialises in;

Architecture, Building Surveying, Development Management, Engineering and Quantity Surveying.

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